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Bombings in Pakistan~Urgent Prayer needed

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We received this email from Sohail Peter, asking for urgent prayer.

This morning while I was starting to preach at our church fellowship we heard two bomb blasts. We came to know that two suicide bombers had blasted themselves in two churches of Youhanabad, One at the biggest Catholic Church where about 1000 people attend. The second Bomb blast happened at Christ Church Youhanabad ( Anglican Church ). 

We stopped our meeting and preaching and began to pray. Then we went to see those churches which were 500 yards from us.
About 40 people have been killed and more than 77 are seriously injured. As we reached the blast sight there was blood every where and many of my personal friends from those churches got injured and 4 of them have died before reaching the hospital.

These threats to our colony have been coming regularly and since 2014 after the Peshawar church attack we have received many threats that their next target would be Youhanabad Lahore ( the colony where I am living ).

Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the bombings and they have said that they will do more damage to Christians until and unless they all accept Muhammed and convert to Islam or Leave this country ( it is the same statement which ISIS has been saying to all the Christians in  Syria, Egypt, Libya  and some other parts where they have their control ).


We need special prayer for our protection, and for the more than 77 people injured and suffering serious injuries.


May the Lord have mercy on Pakistani Christians.

God Bless you

Brother Sohail Peter



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Homeless but happy for The Concrete Preacher


Sean from Sydney has discarded his possessions to live a simple, homeless life and follow his Christian faith. His travels have brought him to Wollongong. ( - ABC)

What does it take to discard almost all your possessions, your house, your social circle and your city in the name of your religion? Sean from Sydney is now living in Wollongong, and he'll make you reconsider your impression of a homeless person.


In the early hours of the morning, not far from the ABC studio, I had noticed something unusual over the past couple of weeks - someone sleeping rough in the same spot every morning. Several of my colleagues also noticed, and told me about a man who quite happily sits there for hours reading.

I wanted to know more, so I rang Narelle Clay from Southern Youth and Family Services to ask her advice about how I might sensitively approach someone in that situation.

Then I walked to the spot several times this week to say hello, but there was nobody there by 8am. Eventually, I left a note asking if they needed help, and if we might be able to give them a few more books to read - and if I could record an interview about their story.

A few days passed, and no answer. But yesterday, someone pressed the button downstairs and asked for me. As he came up the stairs, all my preconceptions about homeless people were thrown away. Here was a clean, well-spoken young man, smiling, peaceful and holding a Bible. His name was Sean.

It turned out that after growing up in a pretty conventional way, Sean had an epiphany a couple of years ago, and had decided to take the advice of Jesus literally - to cast off his worldly goods and trust in God to look after him.

"I didn't know what to do, so I asked him, and he told me to give everything up," Sean says.

"He said the way to heaven is narrow, so stay on the path, and I'll send people to you."

Was one of those people me, I wondered?

I asked Sean if I could record an interview with him, but he declined.

"I need to speak to people directly, and if it goes out on the radio, it might go to people who weren't intended to hear it."

I put it to him that God must have foreseen all this broadcast technology, but Sean wasn't comfortable with the idea.

Fortunately, he gave me permission to write his story.


Living life homeless


Whether it's divine intervention, or simply human nature, there's no doubt that Sean has been looked after for the past two years.

He spent a lot of time on the hard floors at Central Station in Sydney, where he became known as The Concrete Preacher, and was constantly given food by strangers.

He says a few weeks ago, God led him to Wollongong.

I asked him if he'd like to join me for breakfast, but he said he actually had too much food today.

"Someone dropped in a couple of loaves and tins of food very early this morning.

"They tried to do it quietly and anonymously, thinking I was asleep, but I just lay there, saying a prayer of thanks for them and for my Father."

Sean was on his way to a charity to give away some of that food.

Sometimes, people offer money, but Sean always says no.

"People get angry sometimes when I refuse money," he says.

"It just doesn't compute - it undermines our whole society's ideas of itself.

"But I say 'Look, if I have money, I have no need for God. I have no need to trust that my father will look after me'."

We talked a little more about the way Jesus made people angry when he undermined the power structure of his society (as did Buddha before that, when the young prince gave up his worldy goods and went walking, or in the more modern era, there was Ghandi in his humble dhoti walking through India).

Sean's next move

So where will Sean's walk take him next?

"A lot of people have told me about certain areas where there's a lot of struggle, like Port Kembla, so I've put them to prayer - when people tell me there's a scary place, I always get excited."

I asked him if he was in charge of this journey at all.

"I don't want to be in charge," he said.

"I know that God's looking after me, I don't know why everyone's not doing it."

King-size mattresses and doonas, I suggest.

"You honestly don't need anything. People only want short pleasures, but I've got these long days of just…awesomeness."


Janet’s doctor was considering stopping her present chemo treatment as it appeared to be ineffective and her cancer markers were climbing. Some folk at Woonona Pressy organised a roster of people to Fast & Pray for 40 days. People chose a day to fast from 7pm till 7pm the next day, focusing their prayers on Janet’s healing and `handing-over’ to the next person by ringing them and praying over the phone together. The 40 Day roster filled quickly. A number of people have spoken to us about the personal benefit gained from earnestly seeking God in this focused way and learning to turn hunger pains into reminders to pray. During the 40 days Janet’s cancer markers dropped from 870 to 407 and a supplementary drug was added to her treatment. We are so grateful to our Dad in heaven for His love expressed through His people, the wonders of modern medicine and His healing intervention. 



Charles Swindoll tells the story: "Back in 1958 when I was a young Marine stationed on the island of Okinawa. I become closely associated with a man I deeply admired. His name was Bob Newkirk. I didn't know what it was exactly that first drew me to Bob. More than anything, I guess, there was something unpretentious about him. He was devoted to the things of the Lord, no question, but it was never on parade, never for the purpose of public display. And I loved that. Perhaps it was his balanced Christian life that I admired most. He was serving back then with the Navigators, an international Christian organisation committed to ministering to military personnel. However, he never tried to squeeze me into some Navigator mould. I liked that especially. When we worked, we worked hard, but when we played, we had first class blast. I never got the idea that Bob was interested in making big impressions on me or other people. He was what he was, plain and simple - far from perfect, but authentic. Real.

I remember dropping by his home late one rainy evening to pay an unexpected visit. His wife met me at the door and informed me that he was not at home. She added, "You've probably noticed lately that he has been under some stress. I think he may be down at his office. I'm not really sure. but he told me he just wanted to be alone."

I decided to try the office, a little spot down in Naha. I caught the three-wheeled jitney that took me from the village where the Newkirks lived down to the capital city of the island. It was still raining lighlty, so I stepped around and over puddles as I made my way down a street, across an alley, then another alley until I came upon his unassuming, modest office. Before I arrived, however, I could hear singing in the distance - it was Bob's voice; I'd know it anywhere. I stood outside in the rain for a few minutes listening. The simply hymn continued, I confess, I peeked in the window and saw a candle on a table, my firend on his knees, and not another sould around. He was spending time with the Lord...all alone. As I stood outside, the soft falling rain dripping off my nose and ears, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude. Bob never knew I came by that evening, but without his knowing it, I got a glimpse of authentic Christianity that night. Not piety on parade, not spiritual showtime, but a man "in the shelter of the most high".

You don't have to perform - simply worship.


Today is a massive day for me and my kids.... This is the first account of why...

My neighbour told me 3 months ago she had cancer in the bladder, had to remove it and replace it with a bag, etc... We were devastated, as the cancer was advancing and they had to move quickly. Chemotherapy was out of option as she is 83 yo. They gave her 6 months to a year to live without the operation. As soon I heard about those news I went to their house with my 3 kids and we asked to pray for her. She agreed. When the kids moved towards her feet to pray she asked "what is that perfume????" I had no idea what she was going on about... but remember someone mentioning to me about Jesus being described as a "Rose of Sharon" sometime ago...

Anyway, Today, she received the {{{crazy}}} news from her specialist after a blood test and a 3rd biopsy that she is completely HEALED !!!! Completely!! I am in shock as the doctors cant explain it! hahaha!!! I cant stop laughing!! She is very close to me. Her name is Maria and Jesus absolutely adores her!!! Praise the name of Jesus, OUR YAHWEH RAPHA, our healer!! In HIS name we can boast!! love you my sisters xxx Heloisa

PS: If you know someone that has cancer and wants prayer, contact me please. I want to obey my Jesus and love and pray for them; I want to see cancer bow DOWN to the name of JESUS!! yeah!!!! and if you want to accompany me in this journey of faith, please join in! :) xx