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The purpose of the ‘Monthly eLink’ is to increase communication among Christian leaders in the Illawarra area by:

Encouraging us to see the reality of the One Church of Jesus Christ in the Illawarra;
Promoting local Christian News and events;
Sharing of resources and prayer needs within the region.

Recent editions of “Monthly eLink” - (Please note that not all the links in these past editions of the Monthly eLink may work)

eLink 5th December 2017 - Becoming a Christian-loving leader

eLink 16th November 2017 - Jesus has overcome the world, we walk in his footsteps.

eLink 23rd October 2017 - Preparing for Persecution

eLink 20th September 2017 - Spiritual Warfare, Pacifism and strange things

eLink 13th September 2017 - Vote NO pamphlet available for letterbox drop

eLink 2nd September 2017 - Media shuts down local Father's Day advertisement

eLink 30th August 2017 - Visitor Friendly Churches

eLink 2nd August 2017 - The War on Christians

eLink 8th July 2017 - Great Government in our lifetime

eLink 19th June 2017 - Everyday Miracles coming to the Illawarra

eLink 31st May 2017 - New Churches springing up

eLink 10th May 2017 - Prayer and unity build heavenly pressure for revival

eLink 25th April 2017 - Dawn ANZAC services bring out the best in Australians

eLink 30th March 2017 - A couple of crazy practical ideas to begin a change process

eLink 10th March 2017 - Faith and works powerfully combine in the Illawarra.

eLink 28th February 2017 - Surviving the wild ride of renewal.

eLink 31st January 2017 - We would see Jesus

eLink 15th December 2016 - The best start to New Years day

eLink 22nd November 2016 - Christmas in the Gong - House of Prayer Summit

eLink 17th November 2016 - The lighter side of politics

eLink 27th October 2016 - Pastors are changing focus from pastoring a church to pastoring a city

eLink 28th September 2016 - Surprise Major Uplifting and Evangelistic Opportunity in Shellharbour Next Week

eLink 22nd September 2016 - Bumper Edition - Stretching the Vision plus Local Happenings

eLink 25th August 2016 - The Illawarra Churches are Alive with the Sound of the Gospel

eLink 4th August 2016 - Answer prayerfully in the census

eLink 29th July 2016 - Is there something going around?

eLink 13th July 2016 - Mediocre Anonymous plus the Wandering Sheep

eLink 23rd June 2016 - Special edition. The church is responding to a potential collision course with the world of politics.

eLink 17th June 2016 - Bishops, senior clergy and regional leaders gather for a major forum

eLink 14th May 2016 - Golden opportunity to meet with Rick Prosser

eLink 28th April 2016 - Breakthrough at Albion Park

eLink 9th April 2016 - The wider church needs your strengths

eLink 18th March 2016 - Growing your church through feedback

eLink 28th February 2016 - A Basic Assessment of Church and Ministry

eLink 28th January 2016 - Mentoring and Discipling, Prayer Events

eLink 21st December 2015 - Two major prayer initiatives for 2016 - starting at sunrise 1st January

eLink 28th November 2015 - When its all to much

eLink 29th October 2015 - Fantastic fraternals and fabulous fellowships

eLink 13th October 2015 - Special. Praise God for those in children's ministry. Responding to Halloween

eLink 1st October 2015 - Our declaration: The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.

eLink 1st September 2015 - Kingdom leaders...

eLink 13th August 2015 - Praying from inside or outside of heaven plus. Great regional events

eLink 1st August 2015 - The drift from being the good guys to being 'on the outer'

eLink 24th July 2015 - Invite - Dawn Stefanowicz speaks - Tuesday 28th July 2015

eLink 27th June 2015 - Taking a stand on marriage. Great events coming up.

eLink 1st June 2015 - Pastoral Bravery  The dreaded feedback sheet (tongue in cheek)

eLink 20th May 2015 - the parable of the inbox; a prophetic voice in the US; the big four issues 

April 2015 eLink - that curiuos six weeks between the Resurrection and Pentecost

eLink 30th March 2015 - In this changing world could our love grow cold.

eLink 28th February 2015 - David's army. Those in distress, debt or discontented.

eLink 3rd February 2015

eLink 21st January 2015 - Far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you

eLink 31st December 2014 - Evangelical revival at Dapto 1835

eLink 5th December 2014 - when its all said and done...

November 2 2014 eLink - ...but I am a man of prayer

November 2014 eLink - City Serve explodes at Shellharbour

October 2014 eLink - Two opportunities to explore best practice and regional ministries

September 2014 eLink - What's happening in the world around us?

Pentecost requires a Calvary

Africa and Middle East Crisis

August 2014 eLink - Some wonderful testimonies and local events

July 2014 eLink - Healing miracles flow at Shellharbour

June 2014 eLink - Teach us to pray

May 2014 eLink - Changing a Church culture (its easy!)

April 2014 eLink - Two very different testimonies.

March 2014 eLink -  A Church Reborn. You don't know what you've got.

February 2014 eLink - a quick look over the fence
Special eLink January 2014 - The rising tide of prayer, our great potential

January 2014 eLink
 - Church erupts in fun!

December 2013 eLink
 - Having a big vision

November 2013 eLink
 - How much faith does it take?

Special Breakfast 1st November 2013

October 2013 eLink - Can these bones live? Plus great stories

September 2013 eLink - Passion drives leadership

August 2013 eLink - Amazing testimonies and great stories

July 2013 eLink - Significant changes to the Pastors Network

June 2013 eLink - It's all happening in the Illawarra

May 2013 eLink - Church growth in 3 easy steps (you are kidding)!

April 2013 eLink - The liberty of being promoted God's way

eLink Canada - changes in Canada, plus other items

eLink Toowoomba - amazing Toowoomba, it can happen here! and Special Events