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    Good New Update 130                                           24 June 2015
Celebrate Magna Carta!
Eight hundred years ago, a 3000-word document was signed that became a foundation for the freedoms we still enjoy today. It is a document which, in fact, loudly echoes in the 856-word Canberra Declaration.


This is the Magna Carta which is Latin for the Great Charter.  It was signed 800 years ago on 15 June 1215 by 
King John I of England in a meadow at a place called Runnymede. It was the result of tense negotiations with the King and his discontented barons and bishops.  Little did they know that this document, handwritten in medieval Latin on untanned animal skin, would become the cornerstone of English common law. Today the Magna Carta is widely regarded as the greatest constitutional document of all times and the foundation of the international rule of law.  

The 800th anniversary of Magna Carta was celebrated in Australia and around the world last week on Monday, 15 June 2015.  Today, as part of the on-going Australian Celebrations of Magna Carta in 2015, Prime Minister Tony Abbott will deliver a speech on the Magna Carta at the British High Commission in Canberra. 





Not so well known, and often down-played in these celebrations, is the important role of the Church at its inception.  Quoting the Magna Carta, it was Stephen Langton, "the Archbishop of Canterbury, primate of all England and cardinal of the holy Roman Church" who was the major drafter of the Magna Carta.  He also was the mediator between the King and his barons.  


The Magna Carta begins "John, by the grace of God King of England".  The preamble then declares the purpose of the Magna Carta. In modern English this reads, "KNOW THAT BEFORE GOD, for the health of our soul and those of our ancestors and heirs, to the honour of God, the exaltation of the holy Church, and the better ordering of our kingdom...".


It is not an accident that the first and last of the 63 clauses state that "the English Church shall be free".  In other words, it was religious freedom, which flows from the Judeo-Christian belief system, that provided the framework for the rights, liberties and freedoms in all the other clauses. When negotiations came to an end, the barons bound King John by oaths, before God and the assembled bishops, to uphold the Magna Carta in perpetuity. 





The London Times just recently stated that the historians of the Arts and Humanities Research Council in the UK have credited the Church with Magna Carta's impact. 


King John, who was reluctant to sign, had no real intention that the charter be publicised or enforced. It was the bishops who insisted that it be distributed to the country at large and preserved in their cathedral archives. The historians therefore concluded that 
"the church was central to the production, preservation and proclamation of Magna Carta".





Reissued by King Edward I with modifications in 1297, Australia has one of the four surviving copies of this version.  

Prime Minister Tony Abbott referred to this in his address on the 800th anniversary at Magna Carta Place near Old Parliament House in Canberra. He shared how Australia's longest serving prime minister, Robert Menzies, allocated £12,500, regarded as a huge sum in 1951, to buy a copy of the Magna Carta from a British school.  


It is on display in the public area of the Senate side of the Parliament House in Canberra. How Australia came to make such an extraordinary purchase is told in a booklet issued by the Australian Senate.


The Magna Carta has been, and remains, fundamental to Australia since 1788 and in the drafting of the 1901 Australian Constitution.  This was clearly acknowledged during our bicentennial year when Queen Elizabeth brought one of the four surviving original 1215 copies of the Magna Carta to Australia. She handed over the priceless document when she opened World Expo 88 in Brisbane on 30 April 1988.  There it went on display for six months in the Magna Carta Exhibit and was seen by millions. 


The many celebrations in Australia and around the world are powerful reminders that the Magna Carta is still relevant today. Virtually every opponent of despotism and tyranny in the English-speaking world has drawn inspiration from the Magna Carta, which declares "To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay, right or justice"Even in everyday life in Australia we can refer to the Magna Carta whenever our religious freedoms and way of life are threatened. 


Let us

  • give thanks to God for the precious Judeo-Christian heritage of the Magna Carta and its impact on Western civilisation. 
  • pray that God will continue to use the Magna Carta and the Canberra Declaration to help shape Australia. 


Our precious freedoms give us much to celebrate!


Yours for protecting our long-established freedoms,


David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh





PS We have an urgent request to pray for Michelle Abetz, the wife of Senator Eric Abetz. Michelle was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.  We see this as an outright attack by the forces of darkness on her and therefore Senator Eric Abetz and their three beautiful children. We also see it as an attack against the nation of Australia. 


Senator the Hon Eric Abetz is without doubt one of the most outspoken Christians in the Federal Parliament.  As Leader of the Government in the Senate he has a strategic role to play at this critical time in our nation's history. Your prayers are needed for such a time as this.  



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Double Our Numbers Campaign                               19 June 2015
Strategy 5 - Share With Ethnic Aussies
Strategy 4 was a call for Advocates with a suggested focus of sharing the Canberra Declaration with senior Australians. Today we are thrilled to release Strategy 5 which is to share the Canberra Declaration with ethnic Australian Christians. This was another one of the prize-winning suggestions of last year's Double Our Numbers on-line survey.


Almost 1 in 4 Australians were born overseas.  The Christian Research Association states that since 1971, many millions of those who came as immigrants to Australia have been Christian.  Some denominations would hardly exist today without the enormous influx of members that immigration has brought. 


The 2010 prayer guide Operation World states, for example, that there are up to 500,000 people living in Australia who are of Chinese ethnic background with about 20% of these being professing Christians. There are hundreds of Chinese congregations in Australia. Here is one of many in Sydney.


Chinese Congregation Sydney

Theoretically we could get another 50,000 signatures from the Chinese Australian Christian community alone! Then there are the Koreans, the Burmese, the Vietnamese, the Indonesians, the Indians, the Sudanese, the Iranians, the Brazilians etc - all with significant numbers of Christians.


At the World Congress of Families in Sydney in May 2013, we met a young business man, Matt Attia, who helped us with the Canberra Declaration booth.  It was thrilling to learn that when the Canberra Declaration began in 2010, he shared as an Advocate with the Egyptian Coptic Church in Australia of which he is a member. Through his networks he obtained approximately 2,000 signatures on hard copies of the Canberra Declaration. This shows the great potential for new signatures in ethnic churches in Australia.


For this reason we are in the process of translating the Canberra Declaration into different languages and, one by one, plan to add them to our website.  Similar to the format of the invitation below (to Aussies who are ethnic Koreans), the English language words of the Canberra Declaration would be interspersed with the language of the ethnic group. We believe that having a translation, with English interspersed, will be an encouragement to many. Even if someone knows English, their mother language is often still very important to them. So it is a way of honouring them.


So far we have the invitation translated into Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Malaysian (listed in alphabetical order). These are now posted on the Canberra Declaration Facebook page ready to be shared with others. We also have the entire Canberra Declaration in Korean. You can find these on our new webpage. More will be posted as they are completed.

What can you do? 
1. If you are an Aussie only speaking English
  • We suggest you share about the Canberra Declaration with ethnic Christians that you know in your circles (in your street or community, at church or at work, in your interest groups etc). 
  • Ask them to share with their friends and churches.
  • Use the resources in the Promotional Pack.
  • Share face-to-face or through electronic means. 
  • Obtain signatures on hard copies of the Declaration or ask them to go to  
  • Check this website to see if there is a translation in the language they use. Download this and share it with them. We trust that the Canberra Declaration, with English interspersed, will be an encouragement to them. 
2. If you are an Aussie also speaking another language. 
  • Check this website to see if there is a translation of the invitation or the Canberra Declaration in your language. 
  • If there is, share this with others in your language group, one-on-one or electronically to your networks. 
  • Do this through Facebook, via email or by printing it as a hard copy to pass on. 
  • Obtain signatures on hard copies of the Signing Sheet or ask them to go to


Please let us know if you would be interested in translating the invitation and/or the Canberra Declaration into a particular language or know someone who might consider doing this. We welcome any language!


Ethnic Christians praying in Parliament House



Over the past five years, it has been very noticeable that a high percentage of those who attend the National Days of Prayer & Fasting in Parliament House in Canberra have been ethnic Christians.  Perhaps this is an indication of how much they cherish the freedoms and way of life we still enjoy in Australia and are willing to get involved to protect these.


We have come to the conclusion that ethnic Aussies are a key to the future of Christianity in Australia.  From the 2011 census, it would appear that no Christian denomination is keeping up with normal population growth among the Australian-born population.  Furthermore, most of those describing themselves in the 2011 census as 'no religion' are Australian-born. Thegrowth of this group from 15% of the population in 2001 to 23% in 2011 has been striking. 


The apostle Paul writes that the Christian Church should have no barriers declaring that among believers "there is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all" 

(Colossians 3:11). 


  • Please pray that many signees will share the Canberra Declaration with ethnic Aussies in their street, community, church or other networks.  
  • Please pray that many will volunteer to translate the short 284-word invitation and the one page 856-word Canberra Declaration into different languages.
  • Please pray that many ethnic Aussies will join the Canberra Declaration community and make a lasting difference to their adopted home.  As the number of their signatures swell, our political leaders will see more clearly that Christian values are widely held in Australia. 


Thank you!  We would be very interested in any further thoughts on how we might reach our ethnic Australian brothers and sisters in Christ. 


Yours for a growing multi-ethnic community of believers,


David and Marilyn Rowsome and Warwick Marsh


Sample Invitation to Ethnic Christians

그리스도 안에서 호주를 위해 한국인 형제자매들에게 요청하는 편지


Letter for Korean Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Australia


Korean Christians


캔버라 선언문


The Canberra Declaration


이 나라와 우리 자녀들의 미래를 위해서 호주에 있는 한국교회들에게 '캔버라 선언문'에 서명해주시길 간곡히 부탁드립니다.


For the future of this nation and all of our children, we humbly ask the Korean Christian community in Australia to sign the Canberra Declaration.   


'컨버라 선언문'은 기독교 신앙의 본질에 기초하여 '모든 사람은 하나님의 형상대로 지음 받았으며 그러므로 모두가 동등한 존엄과 가치를 지니고 있다'라는 기독교 가치관을 보호하는 운동입니다. 우리가 보호하려는 기독교 가치관은 종교의 자유, 결혼, 가족 그리고 생명의 존엄성을 포함합니다. 우리가 믿기로는 이러한 가치관이야말로 호주를 살기 좋은 곳으로 만든 기초이자 토대입니다. 하지만 안타깝게도 현재 많은 부분의 기독교 가치관들이 심각한 위협을 받고 있습니다.


The Canberra Declaration seeks to protect Christian values in Australia which are based on the Christian belief that every human person has been made in the image of God and therefore has equal dignity and worth.  The Christian values we seek to protect include religious freedom, marriage and family and the sacredness of human life.  These we believe are the foundations that have made Australia a wonderful place to live.  But sadly many of these Christian values are now under serious threat.  


많은 한국의 크리스찬들이 이곳 호주 땅에 와서 살게 된 것에 대해 하나님께 감사를 드립니다. 우리는 이것이 단순한 우연이 아니라 이 땅의 미래를 향한 하나님의 계획의 일부라는 것을 믿습니다.


We thank God for the many Korean Christians that have come to live in Australia. This, we believe, is not an accident but part of God's plan for the future destiny of this nation. 



그러므로 아래의 링크에 첨부된 '캔버라 선언문'을 읽고 서명해 주시길 부탁드립니다. 서명은 온라인 또는 우편으로 하실 수 있습니다. 를 참고해주십시오.


And so we invite you to read and sign the Canberra Declaration on-line or by post mail. You can find the details on


여러분의 이름과 주소를 제공함으로써, 여러분들께서는 호주의 정치인들과 국민들에게 전달하는 우리의 목소리에 큰 힘을 보태시게 됩니다. 만약에 이메일 주소를 함께 알려주신다면, 호주 땅 가운데 하나님의 축복과 은총이 임하기 위하여 지속적인 격려와 기도제목들을 함께 나누겠습니다.


By simply providing your name and address you add strength to our voice to our political leaders and our fellow Australians. If you also provide your email address we would be very happy to provide you with on-going encouragements to pray and take action for God's blessing and favour to rest on Australia. 


올해와 내년의 기간 동안 '캔버라 선언문'에 호주에 있는 한국 크리스찬 형제 자매들이 서명자들로 참여하게 되어 서명운동이 배가되는 일을 보게 될 것을 기대하며 기쁨으로 여러분들을 이 운동에 초대합니다.


It is a joy to call upon brothers and sisters of the Korean Australian Christian community to help double our signatures from 50,000 to 100,000 over this next year. 


하나님께 이 모든 일들을 감사 드리며, 여러분의 연락을 기다리겠습니다.


We thank God for you and look forward to hearing from you. 


예수 그리스도 안에서 믿음과 사랑을 전하며,


With faith and love in Christ Jesus, 


'캔버라 선언문'팀 드림


The Canberra Declaration Team




A Brief 'Double Our Numbers' Campaign Update
We thank God that since Strategy 4 the number of signatures on the counter has gone from 57,972 to 59,402.  We are also receiving hard copies of Canberra Declaration with many signatures yet to be entered.  We will soon break 60,000!  
23 April 2015 Strategy 1 Everyone Sharing with Someone You can still forward this email to family and friends.
07 May 2015 Strategy 2 Using Social Media or Phoning Like and follow us. Then like, comment and share our posts. More here.
21 May 2015 Strategy 3 Sharing with Church Leaders You can still forward this email to your church or group leaders.
4 June 2015 Strategy 4 A Call for Advocates You can still become an Advocate using theguidelines and resources.


Counter on 19 June 2015


59,353 signees


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Double Our Numbers Campaign                               4 June 2015
Strategy 4 - A Call for Advocates
These are momentous days with the current frenzy of calls to redefine marriage in Australia.  This is all the more reason to keep calling Australians to sign and support the Canberra Declaration.  We believe it is only through prayer and speaking out that hearts will be changed and the tide will eventually turn.Let us not grow weary or lose heart. Let's believe that God will see us through!


b8239abe-c7e3-4c47-a9ec-dc7a5c225ce6.pngWe are thankful for the wonderful progress made in the Double Our Numbers Campaign. Welcome to all our new signees.  A good number of you are church leaders. Thank you. 


We trust that you will all join the campaign and share about the Canberra Declaration with others. Please find a brief update so far below the blue line. You will also find links to the first three strategies which you can still use.


Today we are very glad to launch Strategy 4 which asks signees to consider becoming an Advocatefor the Canberra Declaration. 


An advocate is someone who supports and speaks in favour of a person or a cause, an organisation or a proposal.


By reading and signing the Canberra Declaration you have already shown your support. We encourage you then to ask others if they know about the Canberra Declaration. Being an Advocate is simply speaking in favour of what the Canberra Declaration stands for. In doing so, this will encourage others to read and sign it.  An Advocate doesn't need to be an expert!


6469a938-bd6f-4237-b679-bb60194d6ca7.pngTo help Advocates share with others we have developed a downloadable Canberra Declaration Promotional Package.  

This includes -

  • downloadable A4-size Canberra Declarations and 
    signing sheets, 
  • a poster and a tri-fold brochure and
  • our newly-produced promotional video.


Here are some recommended steps.


  1. Choose a target group (e.g. your local church members, a home group or prayer group, a parachurch group, a community group, an interest group you belong to, teachers at a Christian school etc.) Read about Anne's experience.
  2. Decide your method (e.g. set up a table, send info by email, personal visits, go to a local nursing home, share at a morning tea etc.) 
  3. Prepare your materials (download and print the materials you will need; perhaps include a sample Good News Update. If you have a laptop you can have the video ready to play.)
  4. Set a time and place and make arrangements.
  5. Ask people to read and sign (either the signing sheet or sign at the Canberra Declaration website; ensure the person enters on signing sheet their name, full address and email if they have one and signature). 
  6. Enter the signatures you receive on the signing sheets into the online form if possible (follow these directions). 
  7. Post the signing sheets to the Canberra Declaration (for tabling later in the Federal Parliament).


For this first call for Advocates, we would like to encourage our signees to consider a very special group of people as one of your target groups - our senior Australians



Already we have noticed in the Double Our Numbers Survey and New Signees Survey that almost half of those who have signed the Canberra Declaration and volunteered for different tasks are 65 years of age or more! 


The commitment of our senior Australians to an Australia flourishing on a foundation of Christian values is very clear. We therefore want to honour them and let them know that we have not forgotten them. The signatures of Australians who have lived long lives in a land that they love, will be a
lasting legacy we will treasure.


Many do not have computers and indeed many may no longer be living in their own homes. You might choose to have a special morning tea for them or visit them in their homes or in aged-care facilities. Or you might be a grey nomad meeting other grey nomads in your travels! Take every opportunity to seek out others and share with them.


Please -


  • Pray that God will raise up many advocates and place different target groups on their hearts. 
  • Pray that as we seek out senior Australians, this will be a great encouragement to them. 


We are praying for you and look forward to hearing how you get on!


Yours for getting the word out,


David and Marilyn Rowsome and Warwick Marsh



Here are some facts and figures about the Double Our Numbers Campaign.
Signees on Counter  
23 July 2014
Beginning of campaign to double signees to 100,000 
28 Aug 2014 1459 Double Our Numbers Surveys completed
Aug - now Contact made with over 500 volunteers for various jobs  
08 Oct 2014 Winners of best suggestions awarded
09 Dec 2014 Start of Sophie Scholl's Campaign to upgrade computer systems
April 2015 Finish of entering signatures previously not entered
After many months of preparation we were ready to launch the last push of the campaign with a different strategy announced each fortnight.
23 April 2015 Strategy 1 Everyone Sharing with Someone You can still forward this email to family and friends.
07 May 2015 Strategy 2 Using Social Media or Phoning Like and follow us. Then like, comment and share our posts. More here.
21 May 2015 Strategy 3 Sharing with Church Leaders You can still forward this email to your church or group leaders.


Counter on 4th June 2015




In the implementation of the first three strategies we have realised that we are developing tools that can easily be used beyond the Double Our Numbers campaign.  With God's help we do not plan to stop on 23rd July 2015 or at 100,000 signatures!


Can you help us as we go into the last 7 weeks of this year-long campaign.


  • e755a633-5c14-48a7-8d9c-093b48d2f359.jpgOne of our strategies involves reaching different ethnic Christian communities in Australia. For this we need those who can translate a short invitation to read and sign the Canberra Declaration, and possibly the Declaration itself, into their language. 
    If you can help or suggest a contact please let us know.
     Thank you.
  • Please pray for these final weeks that the strategies already released will continue to yield a great response. If everyone reading this were able to get 8 signatures (one page) we would be there!


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    Good New Update 129                                           28 May 2015
Attacks on Marriage and Family Intensify
The Canberra Declaration very quickly came into being when the redefinition of marriage became an issue for the 2010 Federal election. At that time there was evidence that the push for same-sex 'marriage' was spreading beyond the homosexual community and gaining support in the mainstream. 




This threat continued and the Canberra Declaration called a strategic planning consultation in Parliament House in February 2011. The unanimous decision of the 30 or so Christian leaders present was to call God's people to come together in Canberra to pray with Marriage as the focus. So began the first National Day of Prayer & Fasting.  

We continue to thank God that in the past five years, the many attempts to redefine marriage in Australia have all been thwartedYour prayers and action, we believe are making a difference.

Even though Australia is the last of the six Anglosphere countries - United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand - still holding to marriage as between a man and a woman, we believe change here isNOT INEVITABLE.


Nevertheless Tuesday night's surprise announcement by Bill Shorten that Labor will introduce a billas soon asnext Mondayto legalise same-sex 'marriage', once again spurs us and many other like-minded Christians to pray and act to preserve marriage. Shorten's move followed an announcement by the Greens that theirMarriage Equality Bill would be brought to the Senate on 18 June. 


This strong push for renewed debate in Australia seems to have been triggered by latest developments overseas.

  • On 28 April, the United States Supreme Court conducted hearings on some same-sex marriage bans in a number of US states.  If it rules that the US Constitution's guarantee of equal protection under law gives homosexual Americans the right to marry, it could establish so-called same-sex marriage as a nationwide right in the US once and for all.
  • Last weekend on 22 May, Ireland, which traditionally has been a staunchly Catholic country, became the first country to legalise gay marriage by popular vote (a referendum). The YES vote was heavily subsidised by $16 Million US dollars from an American-based organisation. As a result faithful Christians will now be on a collision course with the Irish state choosing between God's law and the laws of fallen man. 
Even Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhelm whose Freedom to Marry Bill 2014 was not brought to a vote as planned on 26 March is saying, "I think what's happened in Ireland is going to be good for the potential of my bill to get through and get a positive vote." 



In response to the Irish referendum, Australian Doctor David Van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum, points out that "a constitutional right to same-sex marriage means a constitutional right to same-sex adoption and surrogacy, and that means motherless and fatherless families are now enshrined as an ideal in the Irish Constitution."  His response begins with the words "Ireland has written a social suicide note and we grieve for her. But we will not follow her." Read more here.



In March 2015 the Australian Marriage Forum launched their TV/YouTube campaign, 'Think of the Child', to challenge the injustice to children which is inherent in so-called 'marriage equality'. 


Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, stated in a media release that "marriage equality abolishes in law and culture the idea that, wherever possible, children have a right to both their mother and father." Read today's media release here.


e2e7f335-ae05-4f91-9224-26bdc27c7516.jpgDr Robert George of Princeton University, as one of the drafters of theManhattan Declaration (which inspired the Canberra Declaration) and who has been called America's "most influential conservative thinker" tells usthat our laws "have understood and defined [marriage] as a relationship shaped by the needs of children for mothers and fathers, rather than as an institution whose purpose is to serve the interests or desires of adults by facilitating sexual-romantic companionship."


George, who is this year's Wilberforce Award winner, continues that marriage "aims to secure for the children the inestimable blessing of being brought up in the committed love - the marital bond - of the man and woman who brought them into being." 


Homosexual 'marriage' robs children, who come into being through reproductive technologies, of the nurture and knowledge of both a mother and a father.  In other words so-called 'marriage equality' makes the well-being of children subservient to the interests and desires of adults.  It's not equality at all.  If we follow this path it is easy to see that we will end up with another Stolen Generation


Marriage therefore is not simply a form of sexual-romantic or domestic partnership but something God ordained at Creation.  Marriage as between a man and a woman is the foundational relationship of human society.


Now we invite you to watch this lovely short video on marriage produced by Natalie Lonsdale, our volunteer social media coordinator for the Canberra Declaration. She has added music and images to the words of the Canberra Declaration about marriage.



The definition of true marriage cannot be changed.  Jesus said, "Haven't you read that at the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female,' and said, 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh'So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." (Matthew 19:4-6).


Yes, marriage is worth fighting for!


Firstly, take hold of the most powerful weapon that God has given Christians - prayer. Pray that God will preserve marriage as solely between a man and a woman as He purposed at Creation.

Secondly, please make an appeal to your local Federal Member of Parliament by visiting, ringing or writing. You can send an email message by using this convenient service by the ABC. Ask him or her to preserve the institution of marriage.


Thirdly, pass this email on to others urging them to sign the Declaration (click the button below) to support marriage or go to Canberra Declaration Facebook page and share this video with your friends.

Yours for the defense of marriage and family,


David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh



We thank God that Strategy 3 "Contacting Church Leaders" has gone out and is working like a small amount of yeast in a large batch of dough! We are seeing a steady trickle of signatures coming in. May it increase to a stream then a river :)


In the process we are learning more about how to build our contact databases for the different church denominations in each state and territory. Our volunteers have been doing a great job.


It is also a great joy to read nearly 200 New Signee Surveys and find out what issues are of greatest concern to them as well as ways they might like to be involved more.


We look forward to releasing Strategy 4 next week. Please pray and watch for that email.  



Happy National Day of Thanksgiving! 


This Saturday 30th May 2015 is Australia's National Day of Thanksgiving. A day (or weekend) set aside to say thank you to God for all His goodness to us as a nation, and to say thank you to others for the special and unique contribution they make to our lives. 

On Saturday, tens of thousands of Australians will be thanked, honoured or served by their fellow citizens in a day of goodwill, that is fast establishing its own unique place in the calendar of our nation.

On Saturday night, Christians will gather to worship and give thanks to God in combined Australia Worships celebrations and on Sunday Churches will celebrate with services of Thanksgiving.

The National Day of Thanksgiving is a day when our nation is touched by the love, grace and compassion of Jesus as expressed by those who are called by His name - the Christians of this great nation.

Why don't you make a point of seeking someone out this Saturday to say thank you to, or to do an act of kindness towards, and let them see the nature and character of Jesus through your loving concern. 



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    Double Our Numbers Campaign                            7 May 2015
Strategy 2 - Using Social Media and Phoning
Thank you for your prayers and action for Strategy 1 of the Double Our Numbers campaign.  We welcome all our new signees. You are like reinforcements in our fight to protect Christian values in Australia. With God's help, we are wanting to double our numbers to 100,000 by our fifth anniversary on 23 July, 2015. 



Two weeks ago, the counter on read 54,307. Today it's 56,310. Praise God that's 2,003 more signees :)

This was partly the result of the special forwarding email of Strategy 1 called "Will You Stand With Us?". We still have a way to go but we are off to an excellent start! 


If you haven't forwarded the email to your friends yet, there is still time. Find the email we sent you on 23 April and forward that. Or you can click on this link which allows you to view the email on the web (to forward it, copy the URL and paste it into an email to your friends).


As a result of the newly released New Signees' Survey we have 40 new members on our Prayer Team plus some new volunteers for other tasks. If you haven't done the 5-minute survey yet, we invite you to do that now.




Today we are excited to release Strategy 2. This will be to use social media to spread the word about the Canberra Declaration. If you don't use social media, then we are suggesting you use another form of technology -your telephone or mobile phone.




It is a great joy to introduce to you Canberra Declaration volunteer, Natalie Lonsdale, our social media coordinator. She has been using her gifts of creativity in bringing freshness to the Canberra Declaration Facebook page since August 2014. She has reactivated our Twitter account and created an Instagram account. 


This is one of the images she has created. You can find it under photos on Canberra Declaration Facebook page.




Today we are asking you to help us increase the number of signees of the Canberra Declaration through any social media that you use. We are especially interested in reaching the younger generation through this means. Many of you will have children and grandchildren who use social media. 



Facebook - Over half of those surveyed use Facebook. If you do, we want to give you some simple instructions on how you can use it to spread the message of the Canberra Declaration. Follow these steps.


  1. Like our Facebook page (click the Facebook button at right, then click 'like' on the actual Facebook page).
  2. In the drop down box that appears, click 'follow' and 'get notifications' (these words will become bold). You can also add Canberra Declaration to your interest groups (our logo will appear on your homepage).
  3. On the left hand side of the page look for 'Invite your friends'. Click on this and all your friends will be shown. Click the word 'invite' beside those you would like to invite to like the Canberra Declaration page.
  4. Go to the first post on the Canberra Declaration timeline. This post includes the Canberra Declaration promo. You can use the buttons under the post to like it, comment on it and, most importantly, share it to your own timeline. Just click 'share'. In the 'Have your say' space, type something e.g. "I have signed the Canberra Declaration - will you? Go" Then press the blue button at the bottom right 'share'. 

Natalie, or others, will generally do 1 or 2 posts each day on relevant issues to the Canberra Declaration. These will appear on your timeline or as notifications (there will be a red number on the small globe on the blue bar at the top of your timeline). You can 'like', 'comment' or 'share' any of the posts you see. 


You can share to your timeline so it can be seen by the public or friends. This setting is at the bottom right as you share. You can also share to other pages you manage, groups you belong to or individual friends. All these choices are found in the dropdown menu at the top of the comments box. You can add your own comment there or you can leave it blank. 


We hope this will help you become a Facebook advocate for the Canberra Declaration!


Twitter and Instagram


Click the button on left to follow us on Twitter. This works like Facebook but has a limit on characters used. Our Facebook posts go automatically to our Twitter account. In Twitter you can reply, retweet or make a favourite any of the twits. @CanberraDeclara
Instagram is used to create and share photos. We have some very beautiful images Natalie has created on our Instagram account. It's definitely worth following, liking and commenting on. Take a look for yourself by clicking the button on the right.



For those who don't use social media, we encourage you to use the telephone or mobile phone to ring your friends and relatives who might not have heard about the Canberra Declaration. Here is a suggested script you might like to use or modify as you ask them to consider signing the Canberra Declaration. 


Hello .................... I am ringing to ask if you are concerned about what is happening to Christian values in Australia today. If you are, may I ask you to consider signing the Canberra Declaration?  
The Canberra Declaration is a statement written by a cross-section of Christian leaders in 2010.  It focuses on areas that are foundational to the Australian way of life. These are freedom of religion, marriage and the natural family and the sanctity of human life.
To date it has been signed by over 56,000. We have a campaign at present to have 100,000 signatures by23rd July, the 5th anniversary of the Declaration's release. 
By signing the Canberra Declaration you are letting our political leaders know that there are voters who cherish Christian values in Australian society. This in turn has an impact on the laws that are passed for the future of our nation and our children. Please will you stand with us? 
If you would like to read and sign the Canberra Declaration you can go to the Thanks.

If they want to sign but don't have the internet, then you can take their full name, address and email and then enter these details yourself into the sign-the-declaration form (use  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if they have no email address).




The apostle Paul didn't have digital social media like we do today to spread the Good News.  But in the Bible we read how he willingly ministered outside of his comfort zone.  He wrote, "I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.  I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings" (1 Corinthians 9:22,23). While social media is the comfort zone of many; for others it is not. Yet for the sake of Christian values in Australia, we reach out to others by all possible means. 

Please pray that many will respond to the challenge to use social media or phoning and that God would use this to grow the Canberra Declaration community. 

Thank you and God bless you!


Yours for the future of our nation and our children,


David and Marilyn Rowsome